Bullet Mold

This mold was made from one of our original molds. We had it made in brass as we have seen and own an original mold in brass. Measures 6" long. The sizes we carry in this mold are .395, .440, .490, .600, and .715.

(Note) These molds are hand made and may not cast the perfect round ball. We strive to do our best to make them as close as possible to the sizes we mention. The size may be off by a few thousands,as an example a .490 may measure out at .487. If you want perfection we suggest buying your round balls. However if you want to make and shoot round balls as they did in the 18th century then our molds are for you. We also have the question asked ,How many balls can you cast at one sitting? My own personal experience is about a dozen at a time and then I let the mold cool down and then start over. We own several original round ball molds and have many unshot hand dug round balls in our collection and have found that most balls are not perfect. We have seen the half's of the mold do not match perfect and flat spots. We made one mold that was oblong and had to load the round ball with the sprew to the side of the barrel to get the ball down the barrel, surprising the ball shot very well and have taken game with this mold. So after saying all of this do not expect absolute perfection in our molds.
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