Copied from an original in the williamsburg collection.This knee breeches buckle is a reproduction from an original buckle. We own a mold of the buckle in our collection. The buckle is made of white bronze including the fork & pinner. The buckle has some definitive fine carvings around the ring and is square. The buckle measures 1 3/8" x 1" on the outside of the ring, the inside measures 1 1/8". The buckle was worn on the knee band on your breeches instead of a button. You can tighten the band with the use of the buckle keeping your breeches snug at the knee and also helped to hold up your stockings. Some of the knee breeches buckles also can be sold in brass. This pair comes in white bronze only at this time. The buckles are sold as a pair.  
Price: $27.50