Nine Pins

"Variations of the game "Skittles" or as it was also known, "Nine Pins", have been played for hundreds of years. From region to region around the world, the exact rules vary greatly, but ultimately, the goal is always to throw a ball with enough force and accuracy to knock down an arrangement of nine pins stood at the opposite end of an "Alley." Skittle alleys could range from large outdoor arrangements to simple indoor table tops. The game was a very popular entertainment in early America from the 17th to the 19th centuries. It was played in private homes, often in a downsized version for children, as well as becoming a popular tavern game, where the pins could be as large as a modern bowling pin. Our Skittle Pins are reproductions of an original Dutch example which dates to the early 18th century." "Great entertainment for All Children, ages six and up!" Comes in a box with 9,5" Wooden Pins and 2, 2" Round Wooden Balls.  
Price: $20.00