This Brazier is hand made by one of our craftsmen here in the USA. The brazier measures 6" x 6" x 8" tall, has a wooden handle, swing up grill to easily add your charcoal and is riveted together like they were in the 18th century and weights 7 lbs. This is the best copy of an 18th century reproduction brazier that we have seen. Take notice of the legs on the top of the brazier,on how they are extend above the grilling area, this is used for a skillet or pot to set on so it does not smother out the fire. We use our brazier in several different ways,here are some examples. We have used our brazier to grill steak or chicken right on the grill it self, or used a skillet to fry potatoes, heating hot water for coffee or tea in your serving pot, heating hot water for your sponge bath. They work great in the morning to heat your water for coffee instead of building a camp fire. We suggest using real wood charcoal, this lights easily, burns hot and clean. A brazier really comes in handy when its raining and can not use your camp fire. When my son and I camp we use a brazier to cook all our meals ,quick and easy. That's how we like to camp and I sure many of you do to. ************************************************************************** Out of Stock till further notice.... **************************************************************************  
Price: $120.00