Haversack Button Flap

The Haversack is made of Fustian, which means it is a cotton and linen mix. The color of the fabric is oatmeal and holds up very well. Our bag measures 16" tall and is 12" wide with the strap being 3" wide. The flap has a double thickness of fabric for strength and can double as an extra storage pouch. The flap has three pewter buttons which were reproduced from buttons in our collection. You can stuff a lot of items in one of our bags as we make them a little larger than most of the ones on the market. You can also paint the bags to make them water proof. The haversack was used to carry anything you wanted while out on the trail, such as extra clothing to food. This 18th century haversack was made based on originals from various museums that we have visited.  
Price: $25.00