H&B Medium Camp Ax

This is called The Med Camp Ax it is similar to the small camp ax, but the handle is larger and the eye is heavier.This is one of the finest working axes you will find. This ax is hand forged here in the U.S.A. with a steel bit welded into the blade. We have been selling and using these axes for the last 15 years and have never had a complaint or a problem with any of them. The ax is also a great ax to use at camp splitting up your kindling for your camp fires or other camp chores you may have. You will not be disappointed in owning one of these axes. The ax overall measurement is 17 1/2" the head measures 5 3/4" with a cutting edge of 3 1/4" the back of the head 1" x 3/4" weights just about 1.5 pounds The cutting edge may vary slightly as these are hand forged. The eye of the handle is tapered so the handle will stay tight in the eye, also if you hit the bottom of the handle at the block of wood your throwing at, the handle will slide up the eye to help from breaking the handle. The handles are stained and may be darker than what is shown.  
Price: $75.00